Bay Area

Uptick in Bay Area Home Prices Will Slow Down

The frantic run-up in Bay Area home prices is expected to settle down in the coming months as a result of three factors seen in real estate markets nearby and nationwide: rising mortgage rates, expanding inventory, and declining investor demand.

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Bay Area Ranks High Among US Housing-Recovery Leaders

Two Bay Area regions rank among the top five leading the U.S. housing recovery, outperforming most of the nation in decreased foreclosure activity, growing median price, fewer underwater homes, and rising employment.

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Homes Less Affordable Across California but Still a Bargain Compared With 2007

A recent home-affordability report shows that prices continue to rise beyond the reach of most Californians, but houses are still a bargain when compared to six years ago, when only 11 percent of the state’s residents could afford to buy a home.

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Have Low Housing Inventories Hit Bottom?

Tight supplies of homes for sale have stymied would-be buyers in the Bay Area – and in many parts of California and the U.S. – for many long months. Have housing inventories finally hit bottom?

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Pacific Union’s April Real Estate Update

April home prices continued to post solid gains across the Bay Area and the Tahoe/Truckee region in April, with the median price for single-family homes reaching $1 million in San Francisco for the first time in more than five years and the median price in our Sonoma Valley region jumping 65 percent over the past year.

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