March 31, 2015


March 31, 2015


1Whether you’re building a house from the ground up, or remodeling a couple key rooms, it’s important to stay current on the latest interior design trends. Leslie Piper, Pacific Union Realtor and Consumer Housing Specialist for Realtor. com recently served up some valuable insight, revealing which styles are here to stay for 2015.

When it comes to the home’s appearance, Lamorinda and Walnut Creek residents have seen a surge in farmhouse chic. These all white homes are paired with black or light colored shutters evoking a clean, polished look. Both timeless and sophisticated, it’s easy to see why this style has gained popularity.

“This trend began a few years ago and will continue…Because of our proximity to Napa we are seeing the trend of farmhouse chic being influenced by the relaxed simplicity of the wine country’s style,” says Leslie.

Stepping inside the home, distressed, reclaimed driftwood with white and blue undertones create a country look worth considering. Buyers can also expect to see nice, warm colors that are often blended with grey, blue tones, or tan and creamy shades. This color palette perfectly complements French Oak flooring, a foundation commonly seen throughout today’s properties.

“For several years now everything has been about grey in both fashion and home décor. We are now seeing the trend of blue hues. A warm or cool light blue color can create a wonderful calming space where as a navy room can be ultra dramatic. Combine either with white or warm creams accent colors and you’ve got a look everyone will be talking about.”

Blending styles has also made its way to home interiors. Homeowners are merging vintage or traditional furniture with modern art and finishes.

This blending of materials and metals is definitely on trend. Leslie notes one might see stainless steel appliances in the kitchen with copper and gold accents, or the use of rubbed bronze or nickel doorknobs that contrast metal light fixtures.

“The use of metal home décor accents in different materials has been popular. The blending of materials creates a really interesting space. I think this trend is here to stay.”

When it comes to countertops Carrara marble is a long-standing contender. This coveted stone aligns with today’s farmhouse chic style. London Fog is also a color making its way to the top of the list, returning remodelers back to the gray and white tones we’ve seen in the past. These stones are often seen in bathrooms and gourmet kitchens.

While farmhouse chic, blue hues, and mixing metals are on trend, Leslie has also noticed a rise in personalized designs. Bay Area luxury buyers and Silicon Valley executives are customizing homes with stunning views. While these buyers seek unique properties, they’re wanting far more than just name brands, but features that differentiate their home from the rest of the pack. In our digital age, and other interior design platforms enable homeowners to pick and choose aspects that result in their dream home.

“Now a days people can really create a fantasy of what they want online. There’s so much exposure, so you’re not just limited to talking to an interior decorator. You can actually participate if you’re building a home yourself, or doing a remodel. So, we’re seeing a lot of styles that are very personalized in comparison to what we’ve seen in the past,” says Leslie.

By Kimberly Gomes